Let’s say it together: Don’t worry about weight gain this holiday season

I said this last year and I’ll say it again: Don’t worry about weight gain this holiday season. 

_DSC0263I’m working on some updates to this blog, but while those are rolling out, I couldn’t not chime in to whatever audience may stumble upon this.

The holidays are for family and friends and joy and good food, not for agonizing over how many calories are in your foods or beating yourself up for what was on your plate at dinner.

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Can we forget about burning calories and fat?

In searching the internet for a “stationary bike interval workout,” I’m met with a slew of fat-blasting, calorie-burning focused results.

  • Fight Belly Fat With This Boredom-Busting Interval Workout.
  • An Hour’s Worth of Cardio in 20 Minutes!
  • The Ultimate 8-Week HIIT for Fat-Burning Program
  • 7 Interval Training Workouts to Burn Fat Fast
  • 5 HIIT Workouts You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Incinerate Fat in Under 15 Minutes

Incinerate? Really?

Aside from the fact that you cannot actually burn fat off of your body, these claims are utterly ridiculous. “Fight belly fat?” There are better things in the world worth fighting for/against. Fighting my own body does not need to be on this list. “An hour of cardio in 20 minutes.” Exercise is supposed to fun! Find an exercise you like. Do it. If you feel like doing an hour of cardio one day, do it. If you only feel like doing 20 minutes, do that.

Can we forget about burning calories and fat for a minute, and just focus on the health benefits of exercise?

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It’s Okay to Eat

I recently had a conversation over lunch where I told someone it was ok to eat a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

I’m not a Registered Dietitian. I have no credentials. I’m just a human being who realizes that our bodies need food in order to function properly and that, as a result, eating food is an ok thing to do.

To help ease the shock, I explained the rationale of why it was ok to eat a bagel for breakfast. I said things like “It’s the morning, your body needs some calories and nutrition to get itself going,” and “Plain bagels really don’t have many calories. Most are under 300.” and “It’s ok to use cream cheese because it helps nutritionally round out your breakfast by adding some fat and protein.”

The entire table looked SO RELIEVED that someone, anyone, was speaking up and saying that it’s perfectly ok to eat a bagel.

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Good vibes only

I have not updated this blog in quite some time. Before I get started, here is a short update of my life since, um, January:

  • I went to physical therapy for about 8 weeks to treat my chronic tendonitis/stress fracture. I am doing much better!
  • I have started a return to run program. I am only allowed to do a walk/run every 48 hours, BUT it feels good to even just be outside AND I can do these without pain, which makes me so happy that I have wept actual tears of joy.
  • I am considering adopting another cat.
  • I went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) with my sister and it was excellente.
  • I got a HydroFlask, which I am obsessed with.
  • Wolfgang got a cat tree, which he is obsessed with.

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The Big Chop happened!

Ok, I did it. I FINALLY DID IT. I let my hair stylist cut off all my relaxed hair and OH MY GOODNESS I’M IN LOVE.  

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Worst morning workout ever

Ok, let it be known that I don’t like morning workouts, aside from waking up on Saturday for long runs during half-marathon training. Those are fine. But run-of-the-mill, weekday workouts before work? NOPE.


I vowed not to see Star Wars for at least seven days and so I ordered the book instead

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The Big Chop is Friday

Ok. It’s happening. My big chop is Friday. This Friday. As in, the day after tomorrow.

I’m going for the TWA (teeny weeny afro) and I’m terrified.

I’m excited.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

I waver between terrified and excited. Right now, I’m excited. Twenty minutes ago I was so terrified I was crying.

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Christmas Vibes

It’s Christmas 2015 and I woke up at 7 to eat cookies and drink coffee and watch JTT in “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

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Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nutella-stuffed brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Let that sink in. The name is a mouthful, but so are these cookies. A cookie this wonderful deserves a nine word title.


If you need a dramatic show-stopper of cookie to impress friends, family, co-workers, in-laws or even people you don’t like – this is your cookie.

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Cruising, beaching, failed boozing

I want to stay on vacation forever. Just need someone to bring me my cat, who I miss terribly!  Continue reading