Sunburst Juice

Ok, this is my favorite juice of all time. It’s so easy and tasty and beautiful to look at. What are its exact health benefits and nutrition information? I don’t know–but who cares, right? It’s delicious and it’s probably less harmful than cigarettes, so I dig it.

I found a similar recipe years ago from some corner of the internet I’ve since forgotten, and modified it to my interests and gave it an awful name like “sunburst juice.” Recipe and instructions are below!

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Thanksgiving Déjà Vu


What am I taking to Thanksgiving this year? The same things I take every year. Because I’m basic. And because Thanksgiving is about faithfully standing by tradition, without regard to what’s sane and rational. (I’m mostly talking about the yearly mass farming and slaughter of turkeys).

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Why healthy eating should include full-fat desserts

I’m going to make a bold statement: Eating healthy means enjoying full-fat desserts. WHAT? Yes. I’m so serious. No, I’m not a registered dietitian. I’m not a certified nutritionist. I have no credentials to support this claim. I’m just someone who tried for a long time to eat around the foods I truly wanted in attempt to lose weight and establish a “healthy diet.”


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Christmas cookie production: The time is now

This weekend marks the beginning of Christmas Cookie Production 2016. It’s a major operation. I’m in the planning stages now, pinning some new recipes and laying out a project plan and cookie recipient list (with delivery dates for each person). The first year I tried to do this, I totally underestimated how long it takes to bake dozens and dozens of cookies — and misjudged the difficulty of also delivering dozens and dozens of cookies. Mostly, I just ended up eating all the cookies myself. It was a disaster.

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Weekend Recap: First snow of the season, all the writing and a runaway border collie

This weekend has been an introvert’s dream. I’ve barely seen, spoken to or heard from anyone besides my cat. (Yes, that’s a good thing). In the last 72-48 hours, I:

Sunday breakfast: An avocado egg sandwich with coffee and raspberries

  • Wrote a short story
  • Finally set up this blog
  • Went to one of the greatest hot yoga classes I’ve ever been to
  • Watched three not-so-great movies (Mockingjay parts one & two, Spectre)
  • Made an eye appointment to pick out some dope glasses to match my upcoming TWA
  • Got my eyebrows threaded for the first time, also in preparation for my upcoming TWA
  • Finally gave up on trying to grow some ornamental kale, and trashed it (RIP)
  • Picked up prescriptions from the pharmacy (I dread the pharmacy)
  • Went on a snowy walk in my favorite boots (Wolfie loved the snow)
  • Ate at Chipotle for the first time in years (awful)
  • Swindled a free truffle from See’s Candies
  • Bought groceries for the week, including Thanksgiving

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