Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nutella-stuffed brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Let that sink in. The name is a mouthful, but so are these cookies. A cookie this wonderful deserves a nine word title.


If you need a dramatic show-stopper of cookie to impress friends, family, co-workers, in-laws or even people you don’t like – this is your cookie.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

These cookies give “melt in your mouth” a new meaning. The way these cookies behave is unreal. At first bite, they break apart, and melt into your taste buds with waves chocolate, peanut butter and a touch of salt.


The dough comes together really quickly and baking them is super simple because they don’t rise or expand at all.

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Soft and Chewy Lemon Cookies

Let’s talk about lemon cookies. Being a chocoholic, few cookies come out of my kitchen that contain no chocolate. And by few I mean, I think I’ve only ever baked one cookie that didn’t have chocolate.


I’m still a chocoholic, but these soft and chewy lemon cookies have proven themselves worthy of being baked in my kitchen.

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The most essential Christmas cookie ever

I’m making a big claim here, but this is probably the most essential Christmas cookie ever. It’s reminiscent of the sugar cookies your grandma used to make, but better. (Sorry, Grandma).


The ingredients are so simple you’ll wonder why these cookies haven’t been in your life before now.

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Mini Pecan Pie Tarts with Homemade Crust

I’ve never been a fan of pecan pie. I didn’t like nuts growing up. Love them now. Didn’t care for pie any pie at all because I only cared about cake or brownies. I can now appreciate pie because I think my cake quota has been filled. Onto the next one.

Yalla Fruits - Pecan Pies - 3 of 8

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Why healthy eating should include full-fat desserts

I’m going to make a bold statement: Eating healthy means enjoying full-fat desserts. WHAT? Yes. I’m so serious. No, I’m not a registered dietitian. I’m not a certified nutritionist. I have no credentials to support this claim. I’m just someone who tried for a long time to eat around the foods I truly wanted in attempt to lose weight and establish a “healthy diet.”


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The dopest brownies ever

I had a hankering for some brownies the other night. Real brownies. The kind made with eggs, butter and sugar. Luckily, I had all the ingredients in my house, so I made it happen. These brownies are super easy, so rich, so fudgy, so satisfying and probably the best brownies I’ve ever had.


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Christmas cookie production: The time is now

This weekend marks the beginning of Christmas Cookie Production 2016. It’s a major operation. I’m in the planning stages now, pinning some new recipes and laying out a project plan and cookie recipient list (with delivery dates for each person). The first year I tried to do this, I totally underestimated how long it takes to bake dozens and dozens of cookies — and misjudged the difficulty of also delivering dozens and dozens of cookies. Mostly, I just ended up eating all the cookies myself. It was a disaster.

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