Yoga FAQ and Resources

Have yoga questions? I might have answers. MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, just a flawed human who practices yoga often and pretends to know things.

Are there different types of yoga? What are they?

Yoga comes in different flavors. I practice Bikram and Vinyasa (with the occasional side of Yin). Here’s a thorough description of each type of yoga, written by someone who is less a dimwit than I am.

What happens in yoga class?

Totally depends on the class! In Bikram yoga, you’ll do a sequence of 26 postures that I frankly can’t decide if I love or hate (so I keep going back). In a vinyasa class, you’ll start with some easy breathing or stretching, set an intention for your practice (like, today I will be nice to everyone even the people I hate), move through some sun salutations, maybe do a balancing posture or two, some floor work (abs), then Shavasana, where, if you’re like me, you’ll either fall asleep or fantasize about what you’re going to eat after class.

What on earth are sun salutations?

A sequence of postures that salute the sun I suppose? They get your heart rate up and after several chaturanga dandasanas your triceps will know what’s up. Here’s a list of sun salutations and how to do them.

What on earth are the words like chaturanga dandasana that are not English?

It’s sanskrit. Here’s a list of all the yoga poses ever in Sanskrit if you want to muddle through those. Shanti, shanti, shanti and good luck to you.

What do I wear to yoga?

I like tighter, form-fitting clothing, because choking on a loose tanktop or a crew neck t-shirt in down dog is #notfun. So think leggings and a tighter tank. Basic.

What if I’m not flexible?

Doesn’t matter. Yoga isn’t about being the most flexible person in the room, and it’s not about physical flexibility either. A good yoga practice is about creating space in the mind and body simultaneously.

Will Yoga help me lose weight?

*screams into the void*

Is Yoga hard?

If you’re doing it right, then yes!

Can Anyone practice yoga?

I don’t know. If you have a spine, neck or back injury you should proceed with caution and talk to someone who has an M.D. behind his/her name!


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