Running FAQ and Resources

Have questions about running? I’m a total dope, but I can pretend to help. DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert, not a doctor, not a health professional. I just run often and started from the bottom and now I’m here. Or somewhere.

How Do I Start Running?

Slowly and carefully! Try a program like Couch to 5K or try going out on a few run/walk exploratory  workouts. See how your body, heart and lungs feel. Does it hurt like mad and it’s so difficult you can’t cope? Scale it back, talk to a doctor? Does it hurt a bit and it’s so difficult that you maybe want to cry, but you can cope. You’re doing it right. It gets better. Here’s some advice for n00b runners! 

How Far Should I Try to Run? How Fast?

Easy, tiger. If you are new to running, your run might take 10 or fifteen minutes and you may only cover half a mile. That’s okay. As long as you are not hurting, you are doing it. Running programs offer great guidance for beginners, or you can just listen to your heart, mind and body, if you operate on that wavelength or whatever.

What Do I Wear?

Good running shoes are a solid place to start. Moisture wicking fabric is wise, but may be more than you need to get started. To start out, just make sure your feet are taken are of and supported. And maybe don’t wear like, denim.

I don’t like running but I feel like I should do it.

If you don’t like running, don’t do it. It’s okay. Really. Find some other exercise you enjoy. Life is too short and running takes too much time. Give it a shot if you want, but if after a few weeks you still hate it, just let it go. LET IT GO.

What’s a good pace for a beginner?

Every body is different. Your height, weight, shoe size, leg-to-torso length ratio, feet, toes, arms, gait — it all factors into your pace. Don’t sweat it. When I started running I was around a 13 minute mile, which is about 4.5 miles per hour. Nothing too speedy, but I was out there. Speed comes later. Just focus on running regularly and taking care of yourself.

My knees/shins/hips/joints/everything hurts.

Yes, you should take a break. Some discomfort is okay, as your joints, bones and tendons will have to get stronger, but if the pain is steady and persistent, even at rest, you should take a break and talk to a doctor.

Should I Run outside or on the treadmill?

Up to you! Being outdoors is nice, but some people love treadmill runs. Try both. See what works!

Getting started is rough. Does it get easier?


What’s a runner’s high?

O GLORIOUS RUNNER’S HIGH. It’s that moment where all the hard work is so worth it and you feel like you are fairy goddess who glides and floats a few inches from the each. Here’s a more scientific explanation.

Will running help me lose weight?



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