Spring 2017 Update

I haven’t been posting regularly, so here’s an update on my life for the past few months.

New Eats!

I’ve been in a total food rut. Literally, every day was overnight oats for breakfast, the same sandwich for lunch, and popcorn, Greek yogurt and Larabars for dinner. It was a nightmare. So, I’ve been using meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Green Chef. I’m just using up all the intro discounts I can to try them all, then I’ll settle on my favorite. I’m probably going to mess up and forget to cancel these. So, I’ll be charged about $600 and will get about 22 meals to my front door. Great!

My first Hello Fresh box had a chickpea eggs and basket skillet with baguette toasts (my least favorite of the bunch if I had to pick, but it was still great), silky oven roasted eggplant with tricolor quinoa, feta cheese and a meyer lemon sauce (my favorite!) and creamy parmesan risotto with lemon zucchini ribbons and caramelized shallots (my second favorite).


Lately, I’ve been having juice first thing in the morning, and it’s so nice. I really don’t like standard American drip coffee anymore. After my Paris trip, all I want are lattes and cappuccinos with espresso and full-fat milk. But, I’m not a millionaire and can’t afford Starbucks every morning, nor do I own an espresso machine. So, juice it is. If you’re interested, here’s the recipe.

Joyful Eating

I’m starting a Joyful Eating program on Sunday, April 2 and I’m so stoked. It’s not so much a ‘program’ as it is an Intuitive Eating support group! I no longer see a registered dietitian or therapist, and was doing very well on my own for about eight months. But lately I’ve been eating excessive amounts of snack foods out of anger or anxiety or uncertainty, and I’ve learned that these are the types of habits I want to nip in the bud when they re-appear. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to ask for help.

Yoga Practice

My yoga practice is the highlight of my day! I practice at The Hot Room and I love it so much. Bikram is usually my favorite practice, followed by vinyasa and complimented with a couple of Pilates practices, one standard practice and one HIIT style.

Running & Gym Workouts

I’m enjoying running again, only this time I’m INJURY FREE. It’s so great. I only run a couple times a week because I mostly go to yoga, or to my gym to do Nike Training Club workouts, but now that it’s nicer outside, I see myself running a lot more.

Body Positivity

I’m trying to focus on everything I love about my body instead of everything I’ve been taught to hate about it, like its stretch marks or arm and belly fat. Some days are better than other. This is an ongoing journey, and I’m trying very hard.

So Much Good Music

Music has my entire heart and soul. Lately I’ve been listening to Drake and Future. I can’t wait for the new Kendrick album. Migos sneaks in, and a little Daft Punk on the side. I go through weeks where I can only stand to listen to rap, hip-hop, R&B and trap music. And I go through weeks where all I want to hear is Wolf Parade and Coconut Records. Sometimes it’s a mix of both. Right now, it’s Future and Drake forever.


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