Good vibes only

I have not updated this blog in quite some time. Before I get started, here is a short update of my life since, um, January:

  • I went to physical therapy for about 8 weeks to treat my chronic tendonitis/stress fracture. I am doing much better!
  • I have started a return to run program. I am only allowed to do a walk/run every 48 hours, BUT it feels good to even just be outside AND I can do these without pain, which makes me so happy that I have wept actual tears of joy.
  • I am considering adopting another cat.
  • I went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) with my sister and it was excellente.
  • I got a HydroFlask, which I am obsessed with.
  • Wolfgang got a cat tree, which he is obsessed with.

For Mexico, my swimsuit top said “Good Vibes.” I know it sounds sort of trite and (god forbid) basic, but lately, I find myself very susceptible to and aware of the “vibes” I get from certain people or places. And by vibes, I just mean that feeling in your heart and gut when you are happy and comfortable around a person, or at a place, versus when you feel uncomfortable, out of place or threatened.

I’m trying to curate more good vibes in my life, especially in the people or places I can control. While I can’t always control the vibes at work, I want to spend all of my free time in places that enrich my soul. I am trying to make my own apartment a place that enriches my soul more so than it already does. I’m making an effort to reach out to and spend more time around people that just make me happy and whose very presence is enough to lift my spirits.

On my list of good vibes this weekend?

  • After work, I’m putting on my favorite star wars leggings and my favorite baggy tank top and my favorite sandals and I’m biking a couple blocks through a neighborhood I love to get my favorite yoga class taught by my favorite teacher at my favorite studio. Good vibe status: 10/10
  • I’m going to see Captain America (again) and eat popcorn. Good vibe status: 10/10
  • I’m going to finally read my Star Wars Bloodline book curled up on my floor with blankets and and pillows and candles and Wolfgang. Good vibe status: 10/10
  • I’m going to go to a wedding dress fitting with one of my oldest friends in the world. Good vibe status: 10/10 (she’s getting married, not me)

One of my favorite lines of literature is the ending of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. It ends with the word Shantih repeated three times. The footnotes offer this explanation:

Shantih. Repeated as here, a formal ending to an Upanishad. “The Peace which passeth understanding” is a feeble translation of the content of this word.

The teacher of the class I’m going to tonight ends all her classes with a song, which we all sing together. It goes: I want everyone in all the world to be happy. Shantih. Shantih. Shantih. 



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