Christmas Vibes

It’s Christmas 2015 and I woke up at 7 to eat cookies and drink coffee and watch JTT in “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

I wanted to see this movie so badly as a kid because I was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but I think my parents wouldn’t let me see it for some reason. Ugh. Well, I’m watching it now and it’s terrible. It’s awful. I love it. I’m glad this is happening. JTT is dating Jessica Biel. I thought Jessica Biel was like a decade older than him? I’m so confused.

It’s been a busy week. After getting back from Florida on Sunday, I had four days to prepare for Christmas. I did some Christmas shopping online Monday morning and I did the rest yesterday. The mall was surprisingly not busy. I got some great deals.

I picked up some stuff for Mike. 2015 has been a rough year, and Mike has been really good to me. He also bought me the shiny new tv that I’m watching I’ll be home for Christmas on now. JTT is now rushing home for Christmas to get a Porsche. This is nuts. “If you come home for Christmas, you get a Porsche.” Wow. White people, am I right?

Wolfie was on deck to help me wrap presents last night after me and Mike baked the rest of the Christmas cookies. Mostly, Wolfgang just slept on the paper and tape I needed to use. I will say, he wasn’t terribly helpful.

I’m going over to my mom and dad’s house at 12:30 to open presents with my sister and grandfather.  It’s a smaller Christmas this year — my brothers are with their wives. Mike and I are exchanging gifts later. I may try to convince him to go to Star Wars. I’ve seen it once and that’s not nearly enough. Who knows how many times I’ll see it in theaters.

Wait, why is JTT waking up in the desert in a Santa suit? Did I miss something?

Ok, I need to focus on this very important movie. Have a good Christmas, everyone!




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