Cruising, beaching, failed boozing

I want to stay on vacation forever. Just need someone to bring me my cat, who I miss terribly! 

Our first full day was a whirlwind. It felt like two days. I woke up super early on Thursday, so I watched the sunrise from about 6-7:15 am out on the balcony. I went to beach yoga from 8-9 and it was awesome. After that, my sister and I walked to breakfast.   This was our breakfast view. I’m not mad about it.

After breakfast we went back to our hotel and got dressed and packed our bags for a 3 hour cruise out of miami.

The cruise was so much fun. Probably my favorite part of the trip so far! We were on a catamaran with maybe 12-15 other people, and a really funny captain and first mate. We sailed out about 25 minutes to this tiny island where we docked.

  They had kayaks, paddle boards and this bouncy trampoline floating diving thing that you could only get onto by running the length of this floating strip of foam. It felt like something off of Wipeout or American Ninja.  

I’d been wanting to try paddle boarding, but didn’t want to pay a lot in case I just spent the whole time falling. So, I got to do it for free!

I started off on my knees, but couldn’t stand up without tipping it over. Guillermo, the first mate, saw me STRUGGLING and came over to help.

My legs were SUUUPER shaky the first two times and I fell over after a few minutes. But, by the third time it was much easier and I paddled around for a while before very gracefully dismounting. 😌

After the island  water sports, we cruised around Star Island, which is where a bunch of rich people and celebrities live. Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Usher, a real housewives of Miami couple, the guy who owns the rights to Viagra and like half of Pfizer. Shaq used to live there.

On the way back in, my sister very aptly identified this perfect selfie lighting.

The sunset was beautiful on the way in.

The next morning we did yoga and got breakfast at  a hotel we’re not staying at.Then we spent all day at the beach swimming and reading.    

We went out for happy hour!

Aaaaand then I was too tipsy to finish  another drink. 💃🏾


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