Vacation Day 1: South Beach, Fort Lauderdale

It’s been a long day. It’s 9 pm and I’ve been up since 2 am this morning.

At 6am, my sister and I flew from Indy to Atlanta, switched planes (sat at the wrong gate for about a half hour whatever) and wound up in Miami at about 11.

We stopped off in south beach for lunch. The water is warm, we almost ran over an old man who wasn’t the least bit alarmed, everyone was half naked in the streets and I changed from jeans to shorts in the front seat of our car, which felt terribly dirty.

Our hotel is pretty dope. We’re staying at the W Fort Lauderdale. The girl at the front desk upgraded our room, gave us free wifi and sent up all the ingredients for margaritas. Our view is so awesome.

There are two infinity pools with hot tubs. We went for a quick dip as soon as we got here and almost fell asleep in the hot tub.

My sister has a swanky business class National rental car membership, so we got to browse a bunch of shiny sports cars. We picked this one. #blackonblack I dove home from target just now and had to lift the seat SO HIGH. The front of this car is so long I couldn’t see the end of it. Also, I almost ran us off the road because Michelle was making me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

When we got back from dinner/target, our girl had hooked is up with free booze. 😲 We spent like $80 at target collectively and we have little to show for it besides chocolate and wine.


My sister dropped something behind this mammoth desk that’s carved from a single solid piece of wood. She asked me to try to retrieve it. I attempted it, but told her it couldn’t be done. Not wanting to take my word for it, she gave it a whirl and this happened and she got stuck and instead of helping I took these pictures. Also, she’s wearing hospital scrubs.

Anyways, there’s a lot of stuff back there. A dollar bill that I’m certain someone tried desperately to retrieve before arriving at the same conclusion I did.

I’m so tired. My throat hurts from laughing so hard all day. Tomorrow morning is free sunrise yoga, followed by a 3-hour Miami cruise and a wine tasting. Should be pretty solid. This room is freezing and humid all at once. I cant. Goodnight.


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