The Weekend Round-Up: Homemade hot yoga and too many books

You know that feeling where you wake up Saturday morning feeling great about life and so energized that you could jump over a moving minivan. Yes. I had that.

I woke up, looked in the mirror and realized all the horrible lies my brain has been spinning about weight gain are bullsh*t, opened the radiator in my living room so it was all the way turnt up, mediated for 18 minutes (my doctor told me to meditate — she’s kind of awesome), did a hot core yoga practice in my nice hot living room, then made breakfast and read Runner’s World while I ate my avocado egg sandwich with my favorite apple cider/sparkling water combo and a cup of coffee.

This was all before 10 am, so I was like, “Oh, sh*t, girl it’s only 10, let me run to the library real quick!” So I went to library. Had a list of books I’d been meaning to read and didn’t get a single one of them. Instead, I got these.

Every now and then, I like to pick up a classic that I somehow made it through adolescence, college and young adulthood without reading. I’ve never read J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Crazy, right? Came through the classics section with this one and set out for the mystery section. The books on my reading list were all these heavy, dense texts like The Waste Land, and a series of books about racial disparities in America, and how there’s little promise of change on the horizon for our generation and future generations to come. Those were just going to bum me out, so instead I decided a mystery sounded good. I’ll deal with those feelings later. #avoidance

I picked out a Mary Higgins Clark book. She’s my guilty pleasure. Every one of her books is mostly the same: Rich attractive white woman in her 30s falls in love with a blonde, old-money Wall Street big-shot who likes dirty martinis — and then he tries to suffocate her with a plastic bag, only to have the dusty dude that bags her groceries come through at just the right time and save her. I can’t get enough of it. So I chose this one. So far, it looks like it will turn out exactly the way I described.

I also picked up Khaled Hosseini’s latest book, And the Mountains Echoed because I literally walked past it on my way out of the classics section. I’ve read The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns and both of them I think made me actually sob. Or was that something else? I don’t know. I’m looking at my bookshelf now it looks like I actually own both of those books? Weird. Maybe I’ll read all three and get a trilogy thing going. Did I read something about how nobody likes Khaled Hosseini because he’s exploiting people or no? I don’t know. It’s hard to keep up.

I also picked up a book called Blood Drenched Beard because I like the title, the cover and because it’s written by a cute, young Brazilian guy. I have no recollection of choosing Darkness the Color of Snow. Where did that come from? What is that?

After the library, I made dough for Mini Pecan Pies, which I’ll share later, stuck it in the fridge to chill, plunged and successfully unclogged my shower ALL BY MYSELF, then went over to the Thirsty Scholar to write and eat lunch. I wanted spinach and artichoke dip, so I got just that. It was so good.

I wrote a page for this blog that I’d been meaning to write, What is Intuitive Eating? That felt really nice to write, and to realize that I now eat intuitively much more often than I don’t … which is fantastic!

Sunday was lost to watching Mad Max: Fury Road, napping, cleaning, grocery shopping and making chili for the week. I’m looking forward to this week because it’s my last full week of work before VACATION and I’m so geeked. I’m also going to spend the entire weekend baking and it’s going to be so rad.

Today is Aaron Carter’s birthday. I was in love with him when I was 12, so I still remember his birthday. Going to listen to Aaron’s Party (Come get it) while I look for Groupon deals for Fort Lauderdale.



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