It’s the weekend and there’s nothing on my calendar

The weekend’s here! And my calendar is open! I’m so excited to fill it with super important things like yoga, writing, Netflix, baking, probably a trip to my favorite Old Northside coffee shop, a much-needed trip to the library, reading and more Netflix.

I left work around 1:30 today, with the intention of going to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for Christmas Cookie Production 2016, but got waylaid by Michael’s… where I spent more than I planned on various cookie accoutrements.

What are cookies without proper presentation and packaging? In addition the bags and stickers, I also picked up some bakery-style wax paper sleeves for the cookies (which will ultimately go into the bags) plain cardstock cards and envelopes that I’ll decorate with stamps and a handwritten note, a Wilton mini muffin tin and and a Wilton cookie sheet. All the bakeware was 30% off and I couldn’t resist. I did need a mini muffin tin and an extra cookie sheet for this year’s production, and it seemed too good to pass up good quality bakeware on sale.

After Michael’s, I went to Kroger and bought all the things. Seriously. My cart looked ridiculous. My baker’s rack looks ridiculous. Four types of sugar, flour, a giant jar of Nutella, 8 bags of three different types of chocolate chips and 3 cups of pecan halves. Also corn syrup, which I’d never purchased before. And that doesn’t even cover the dairy in the fridge.

I’m going to spend the remainder of my Friday evening doing laundry, making a list of fun things to do this weekend and having eggs for breakfast. I’ve also been really into this Shlohmo album, Bad Vibes, lately.


The title is ironic because this album puts out super chill vibes. Perfect for cozy nights in, candles, books, dim lighting, sweater blankets and thick socks. Speaking of books, does anyone have any recommendations?


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