This week’s recap: Introvert Recovery

It’s been a busy week, so the posts have been a bit sparse. And by that I mean I haven’t posted since Sunday when I whined and complained about a serious lack of alone time. Four days later, and I’m starting to feel a bit recovered, but I’ve still blocked off my calendar to allow for a whole weekend to recharge.

I got new glasses! They’re even better than I remember. So lightweight, the lenses feel invisible and they’re nice and big so I can’t see the rims. I’m super excited to have glasses back into my rotation! The glasses are also part of my Big Chop/TWA transformation. I also tried out new lipstick today and a new brow pencil. I’m pleased!

I have a bad habit of impulse shopping, so I frequently have to go return items I bought while I was on a shopping high. Easy, right? Wrong. I have another bad habit of buying more stuff when I’m in the store returning things I didn’t need in the first place. This time, I went to Baby Gap to exchange some onesies for my niece… and while I was there picked up for a few more items. I mean, she can’t go into her first winter without a cozy pair of knit joggers, am I right?

This past weekend, we had Thanksgiving on Friday at my boyfriend’s place. I ate a slice of pecan pie, got an insane sugar high, then completely passed out for an hour or so. When I woke up and went to drive home, I couldn’t stand to put my shoes back on, so I wore my slippers home (I keep a pair of slippers at his place). Yesterday, I caught myself wearing one of each moccasin slippers. Not sure how long I’d been wearing two different pair before I caught it. Typical.

Wolfie has been really needy since Vader left. I think he’s lonely. He meows constantly, wants me to hold him all the time and watches me eat dinner. I’m not mad about it!


I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy while I’m writing this. Every few months, I have to watch Grey’s to get a good dose of ridiculousness in my life. In this episode, Bailey has suddenly developed OCD (I can’t remember what happened to spark this — a train probably crashed into the hospital), Karev’s estranged father wandered in and is now detoxing from his latest bender and April just WENT OFF on her sisters at her own bridal shower and fired them from her wedding party, because apparently that’s a thing.

Burning Questions:

Am I the only introvert who needs days to recover?

Does anyone else buy more things when they actually meant to RETURN things?

Can anyone suggest a solid brand of dark, long-wear lipsticks? I’m on the hunt.




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