Introvert Problems: Holidays, People & Plans

Unlike last weekend, which was an introvert’s dream, this weekend was an introvert’s nightmare. Full of places to be, people to talk to, family, friends, events to attend, things to do to make other people happy. I’m left feeling drained, exhausted, angry and ready to go live in a cave by myself for a few weeks.

The highlight: I hung up Christmas lights on Thursday. The final product looks like something a six-year-old child may have done, but it’s warm and bright and I did the best I could given the fact that packing tape is just about the only way to hang anything to plaster walls.

I also picked out new glasses – a huge pair of tortoise shell RayBans that are probably too big for my face.


They’re made of carbon fiber, so they’re super lightweight. I’m so excited. They should be in this weekend. These glasses are part of my TWA/big chop transformation. I was supposed to pick up make up (brow pencil, lipstick, mascara) this week but I didn’t have time.

I don’t have much to say. I’ve used all my words on people.




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