Posi thoughts, $10 faux rewards and pocket spoons

I can be a bit of a Negative Nancy. And by a bit I mean I feel like I’m mostly all the time negative. I’m working on that. And what better time than the week of Thanksgiving? So, I’m going to throw some posi thoughts out there:

Wolfgang Amadeus (#wolfiethegreat)

  • I’m thankful for my crazy cat, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • I’m in good health and rarely (if ever) get sick
  • I have some pretty dope friends
  • Dark chocolate exists

That’s a good start, right?

Great, ok, time to complain. I went to the Gap after work today. It was a mistake. I had a $10 “rewards” coupon, but let’s be honest, $10 isn’t much of a reward. When I was just at Banana Republic yesterday, the lady at the register asked me if I had any Gap, Banana, or Old Navy rewards to use. I said, “Nope!”

Turns out I did. So I thought, “Cool. No problem. I’ll take my receipt, run back to Banana, get that price exchange and save $10 off a purchase that happened in the past. Boom! Life hack. I am a budget-shopping whiz. A coupon queen.”

So, I swing by the mall on my way home from work. Turns out I don’t have the receipt on me. Cool. But, I’d already paid to park, I had the rewards coupon and Gap was right there, advertising a one-day only $25 denim special, plus 40% off your entire purchase. It quickly became clear to me what was going to happen.

I walked over to the Gap with purposeful strides. I clarified with a sales associate that the jeans promotion included my favorite style, the Resolution True Skinny, and once he told me “yes,” I literally tried on every wash of the Resolution True Skinny – even a wash I already own.

I wasn’t pleased with any of the jeans. Awesome. But, to get a $75 pair of jeans for $25 seemed like too great a deal to pass up. So, I chose the pair that I kinda sorta liked and headed out to pay. Then I saw this denim dress. Straight back to the fitting room. Tried it on. Had to have it. Ok, so now a $70 elongated denim shirt has been added to the mix. I leave the fitting room, bound for the register when Baby Gap caught my eye.


Had to run over and see if there was anything there my niece could possibly need. At this point, I’d been in the store for about 40 minutes, in and out of the fitting room a few times, picking things up, putting them down, checking the same racks over and over. The guy was becoming suspicious and actually followed me over to the Baby Gap side.

OK. Fine. I find some cute onesies for Nora, now distracted by the man’s watchful eyes and head back over to Grown Up Gap to pay. On my way, I picked up these socks to prove that I was in fact there to shop and not to steal. The lady starts ringing me up and the numbers add up quickly. $178. Whoops. But then the 40% discount kicked in and I handed over the sad little $10 rewards coupon that had brought me in here in the first place. $82. Not bad, but still. I hadn’t meant to spend anything. I’d meant to earn $10 back from Gap Inc., not spend $82 more.

As I’m driving home, I realize the onesies I bought Nora will probably be too small. I chose 6-12 months because I was flustered by the guy following me around. Nora’s like 10 months old. I also started to regret buying the jeans, as I figured I would. I bought them because the sale seemed too good to pass up, but I’m not saving money if it’s something I wouldn’t have bought in the first place. Duh. I’m the modern consumer that’s ruining the world. Perfect!

So, I have to go back to the Gap tomorrow and exchange the onesies, return the $25 jeans and maybe return the $13 impulse boot socks. Most of my boots are calf-high. Those socks won’t even show. And I have about 6 pair of boot socks. Let it go, Hudson.

Final note and one more posi thought because I just put this on before I started writing and now my hands TOO soft: I’m really into this lavender body butter I bought on a whim at a pop up shop a few weekends ago. It has four ingredients: Lavender oil, coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. It’s amazing. I bought the small jar to see if I’d like it, but once this one is out, I’m going back for the big jar. She also makes chocolate truffles, which are so good. My hands are already so cold and dry that they’ve cracked. It’s not even winter yet!  This body butter may be my last hope!

Also, I found a spoon in the pocket of my dress today at work.




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