The Big Chop

lupitaOn January 8, 2016, I’m finally doing it. I’m cutting off all my hair. It’s going to be so dope. Unless it turns out really bad. I’m going for a Lupita Nyong’o look. But I’m keeping my expectations real – I am not as cute as her. Who am I kidding?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Like. Years.

I tried gracefully going natural in 2014 by just not getting relaxers anymore. It failed rather miserably and after about 8 months of no relaxers I was definitely at my hair lady, begging for a relaxer.

I’d forgotten about it. But then last week I had the hair day from hell and the wind was blowing and I’d parted my hair on the wrong side so it was 100% disagreement with the wind and it looked terrible and I looked terrible and I felt terrible. Was ready to shave my head, ok?

But, I came down from that. Made a pinterest board of TWAs (teeny weeny afros). Texted my hair stylist. Made an appointment. It’s so happening.


View my TWA Pinterest board.


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