Fullness and satisfaction aren’t the same thing

You know when you get to the end of a meal and you’re done eating, but you want to keep eating? Maybe you’re not still hungry. You’re just not satisfied. There’s a huge difference between being full and being satisfied.

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Yoga FAQ and Resources

Have yoga questions? I might have answers. MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, just a flawed human who practices yoga often and pretends to know things.

Are there different types of yoga? What are they?

Yoga comes in different flavors. I practice Bikram and Vinyasa (with the occasional side of Yin). Here’s a thorough description of each type of yoga, written by someone who is less a dimwit than I am.

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Running FAQ and Resources

Have questions about running? I’m a total dope, but I can pretend to help. DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert, not a doctor, not a health professional. I just run often and started from the bottom and now I’m here. Or somewhere.

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How to Start Running

If you’re a new runner, the struggle is too real.

I used to think there was no pain on this earth more awful to endure than running. The slow, painful drudge of placing one foot in front of the other. Each step felt like a new form of agony. The only mile (yes, 1 actual mile) I ever jogged in my teenage years (but really, mostly walked) had felt like a hot and endless stretch around the lowest circle of hell.

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Spring 2017 Update

I haven’t been posting regularly, so here’s an update on my life for the past few months.

New Eats!

I’ve been in a total food rut. Literally, every day was overnight oats for breakfast, the same sandwich for lunch, and popcorn, Greek yogurt and Larabars for dinner. It was a nightmare. So, I’ve been using meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Green Chef. I’m just using up all the intro discounts I can to try them all, then I’ll settle on my favorite. I’m probably going to mess up and forget to cancel these. So, I’ll be charged about $600 and will get about 22 meals to my front door. Great!

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Sunburst Juice

Ok, this is my favorite juice of all time. It’s so easy and tasty and beautiful to look at. What are its exact health benefits and nutrition information? I don’t know–but who cares, right? It’s delicious and it’s probably less harmful than cigarettes, so I dig it.

I found a similar recipe years ago from some corner of the internet I’ve since forgotten, and modified it to my interests and gave it an awful name like “sunburst juice.” Recipe and instructions are below!

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Let’s stop commenting on someone else’s food intake

“Do you know how many calories are in that?” 

“That’s so bad for you!” 

“I need to stay away from that!” 

“That has so many calories!” 

“That’s so much food!”

“That’s too many calories for me!”

“I’ve been eating like sh*t! I may as well eat this too!” 

“I’m going to have to go workout after I eat this!” 

“Keep those cookies away from me!”

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You don’t have to earn your food

You don’t have to earn your food. Diet culture likes to perpetuate the myth that you only deserve to eat if you put in the work to earn it, meaning you went to the gym or went for a run that day — or “torched” calories doing something strenuous.

This is so problematic. It has to stop. And here’s why.

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The Thankfulness Roundup 2016

img_0082As far as days go, it’s been a really good one.

As far as months go, it’s been a pretty good one. (There was just, you know, THE ELECTION, nbd).

As far as years go, it’s been a really good one.

I’m thankful for a lot of things this year. And, since I did a post like this last year, I’ve decided to honor the trend and keep it going. Thanksgiving is about adhering blindly to tradition, right?

(Stop being so cynical, Hudson). Here’s what I’m most thankful for in 2016.

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Thanksgiving Déjà Vu


What am I taking to Thanksgiving this year? The same things I take every year. Because I’m basic. And because Thanksgiving is about faithfully standing by tradition, without regard to what’s sane and rational. (I’m mostly talking about the yearly mass farming and slaughter of turkeys).

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